About Us

Kalidescope Graphic Design and Photography was established in May 2008 when the creator and owner, Elaina Hamilton, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. At that time, the turn of the economy was making it extremely difficult to find a job not only in the design field, but period. Thus the birth of Kalidescope. Beginning with single projects: a logo here, a flyer there, an occasional photography session, Kalidescope has evolved to cover the total package required to help companies achieve consistency in their brands.

It is our goal to offer small companies and major corporations the visual professionalism that is required to succeed. We understand branding that speaks for your company beyond their business hours.

In addition to providing services to companies, we believe in building and molding up and coming artists. Supporting and funding for the arts over the years has become less important to the educational system, but more important to us! It is our goal to one day be able to provide careers and educational opportunities to adults and students that lacked the support needed to hone their skills as an artist.